Dance Company

SAMANTaA Dance Co. was established in the year 2011 by the young and dynamic Kathak duo Shubhi Johari & Amit Khinchi.

Amit Khinchi & Shubhi Johari disciples of Shri Rajendra Kumar Gangani ji and Shri Jai Kishan Maharaj ji respectively and aluminis of Kathak Kendra New Delhi, aim to promote and inculcate the importance of music, dance & instrument culture in the youth of the country through their company.

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SAMANTaA- a kathak duet

Samantaa as the name says refers to the similarities in the two most prestigious gharanas of Kathak namely...

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AADYANT- the infinite

The journey in the life of a dancer is endless. The more you grow, the better you know. In a few & simple words...

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Annual Event of SamantaA

Through the kathak festival, SamantaA wishes that the number of Kathak festivals that has declined considerably specially in the capital New Delhi is retained.

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